2023 Topps Update Series Baseball 7-Pack Blaster Box


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2023 Topps Update Series Baseball 7-Pack Blaster Box


Look for Blaster EXCLUSIVE Holiday Base Card Variations!

Value Box Holiday Base Card Variation (330 cards) Printed on rainbow foilboard. Picking up base design with orange and black striped background.

* Jack O'Lantern - 1:21 packs
* Ghost - 1:56 packs
* Mummy - #'d to 50
* Black Cat - #'d to 10
* Witches Hat - #'d to 5
* Bats - #'d to 1

The excitement of the 2023 Major League Baseball season continues in Topps Baseball Update Series. Collectors will find cards of familiar faces in new uniforms, brand new
rookies celebrating their recent MLB debuts and cards capturing the festivities of the MLB All Star Game and Home Run Derby from Seattle, Washington.

Fans can also find autograph and relic cards from the stars of today, young emerging rookies, and legendary players.



This 330-card set includes recently traded players, rookies and rookie debut cards, player combos, and more.

* Rainbow Foil Parallel - Inserted 1:10 packs
* Royal Blue Parallel - Inserted 1:10 packs RETAIL EXCLUSIVE
* Gold Parallel - #'d to 2023
* NEW! Blue Foil board Parallel - #'d to 999 RETAIL EXCLUSIVE
* NEW! Purple Foil board Parallel - #'d to 799 RETAIL EXCLUSIVE
* Green Foil board Parallel - #'d to 499
* Orange Foil board Parallel - #'d to 299
* Red Foil board Parallel - #'d to 199
* Vintage Stock Parallel -#'d to 99
* Independence Day Parallel - #'d to 76
* Mother's Day Hot Pink Parallel - #'d to 50
* Father's Day Powder Blue Parallel -#'d to 50
* Memorial Day Camo Parallel - #'d to 25
* Platinum Parallel - #'d 1/1
* Printing Plates - Printing plate of card fronts (4 per card) #'d 1/1

ALL NEW FOR 2023! Look for the Golden Mirror Image Variation Short Prints! Each of the 330 base cards receives a limited short-printed variation with an all-new image and golden card back.